New AC Systems for $3 a day!
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"Let us all be happy, and live within our means,
           even if we have to borrow the money to do it with."
                                                       - Charles Farrar Browne

  • Most people finance their home and their car but when it comes to their air conditioning some are hesitant. 

  • Your air conditioner is the largest most expensive appliance in your home and sometimes a breakdown comes without warning. 

  • Unfortunately, surprise breakdowns don't always happen when we are in a financial situation to pay large sums of money all at once. 

  • Some may even  feel their credit may not be good enough to proceed.

  • AirMen works with different finance companies to provide the most affordable monthly payments with the best possible interest rates even to those with less than stellar credit ratings. 

  • There is something for everyone, with payments as low as only 2% of the total cost of repair, upgrade, or replacement of your A/C system.

  • We have multiple financing options available including Same As Cash!

                                          *New AC Systems for $3 a day depends on approved credit and ac system selected. AC Systems and finance options varies.